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Highlighted Document Update on EU aid to water and sanitation - political briefing note


The purpose of this briefing note is to give an update on EU aid to the water and sanitation sector in Africa as it stands now, nearly ten years past the Johannesburg commitments. It synthesizes findings from previous AWG reports and was presented to all EU member states at an ACP council group meeting in May 2011.



Highlighted Document Guidance for the use of Water Supply and Sanitation Purpose Codes (OECD DAC Creditor Reporting System)

Purpose codes for water and sanitation have been revised taking effect in 2011 reporting on 2010 flows (agreed by the DAC Working Party on Statistics – WP-STAT – in May 2009). The purpose of this Note is to offer guidance to users of the revised codes; as such, the Note is “work in progress” and it is envisaged that the Guidance will be updated in the light of donors’ experience in applying the revised Codes. In offering guidance on the new purpose codes, this document also contributes to the higher objective of improving the overall quality of data in the water sector.

Highlighted Document Improving Aid Effectivenss for Water and Sanitation in Africa – AWG policy brief, 2011

What is working and what is not working? What actions are required? This 4-page policy brief, based on previous AWG studies, gives the answers for improved aid effectivenss for water and sanitation in Africa!

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