Working Groups


  1. Africa

    The Africa Working Group works with water supply, sanitation and water resources management issues in Africa

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  2. Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia

    The working group is concerned with water supply and sanitation as well as IRWM in the Easterm Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia

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  3. Latin America Water Supply and Sanitation

    Regional component responsible for WS&S and IWRM in Latin America

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  4. Mediterranean

    Regional component responsible for WS&S and IWRM in mediterranean countries

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  1. Finance Working Group (FWG)

    This group has representatives from the public, private and civil society and is focused on providing instruments for strategic financial planning.

  2. Multi-stakeholder Forum

    The Multi- Stakeholders FORUM is the advisory body of the EUWI

  3. Research

    Horizontal component dealing with the contribution of knowledge and research to the water - development process.

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  1. Coordination Group

    The coordination group is an European Union Forum

  2. EUWI Community Space (CS)

    Main purpose of CS are to provide space for crosscutting topics where everybody might contribute.

  3. Secretariat

    The Secretariat acts on behalf of the coordination group